Is it compatible with my device?

Our VR Chair is compatible with all VR devices that can use the standard game controller. (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR, etc.)

What games can I play with it?

All games that allow game controllers/mouse and keyboard as input.

How much space does the VR Chair take?

It takes up 10ft² (1m²)

What is the maximum user weight?

Maximum user weight is 300lbs / 136kg

What is the minimum/maximum user height?

User from 5′ (152cm) to 6’7’’ (200cm) can use the chair comfortably

How do I clean my VR Chair?

Like you would any other piece of furniture.

How do I adjust the chair height?

The height is adjusted by moving a small lever. Stand with your feet in the middle of the platform and make sure that your elbows are just touching the armrests. Your shoulders should not feel any tension.

How do I adjust the length of the armrests?

After adjusting the chair height, press the button on the armrests, and move them forwards or backwards until you can comfortably rest your fingers on the control handles.

How can I adjust the chair ergonomics?

After adjusting the chair height, the angle of the backrest and the seat can be separately set using the adjustment bolt. Try different positions for your feet, until you find the one that fits you best.

How do i setup my VR Chair?

You set the chair on flat ground, where it’s easily accessible. Then you adjust the chair height, the armrest length and the backrest/seat angle. After all that, you plug it into your usb port!

What if my floor is uneven?

Under four corners of the chair, you can find the adjustable feet, that can be elongated to fit your floor.

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